Portions of your deals? What’s this? Hiltonrichard80?

Attention Eccommerse owners!
You might had heard of Flexoffers, Clickbank, JVZoo, Commissoin Junction or even PeerFly.

Why dont you sign up a merchant account with shareasale?


shareasale.com had been and still continues in the internet marketing business over the past 16 years. They currently Drive more traffic to your online store using performance based marketing. And they still keep on approving their merchants, estimated about 50 or 60 on a daily basis.

This is a retail focused performance marketing Network with over 3,500 different offers to choose from. Your retail, niche can be one of those offers. And from experience it is easy to browse and navigate and new user friendly fairly easy to sign up
The company wants you to make money. We make money by helping your company make more money. That alone helps them turn out Wealthier.  They prowdly invited me and you when they are saying,
“Learn how we can increase your sales, develop your brand, and generate interest in your site”.  Affiliate marketers earn their comissions through their own websites.

I like personally like to use Weebly and WordPress for hosting

Social Media

Facebook Ads and Fan pages


Classified ads


Backpage, Creigslist, Classifiedads.com, or sale spider.com etc.etc.etc.

And my personal favorite Email Marketing.  I personally like EasySoloads
There and I would recruit affiliates and Eccommerse merchants Join shareasale.com, Earn Cash!
So that you can get attention all over the internet, in a spam compliant manner. Or they’d have to answer to you.

When you sign up for a Merchants account, you get features in a bundle a package.

They Pay Your Affiliates For You

Each commission gets processed and written Affiliates’ checks free of charge each month. on your behalf, affiliates behalf, every bodies behalf.  It’s like a customer care agent who cashes in a money order at the local grocery store.

Merchants you get to APPROVE affiliates on your terms

shareasale.com. makes sure all affiliates are pre screened. It is your choice to auto approve or approve them as you see fit.  You can fill them in on the the do’s and dont’s between you and the affiliate contracter at your leiasure

You get an something like a AFFILIATE HELP DESK

Your Affiliates may contact the shareasale.com help desk at any time for the life of their membership, without any cost to you.  And they can email you at your company email address if they got any questions for you.


Client Services offers a variety of integrated services which can help you establish, build and grow your affiliate program

You can have  FTP DOWNLOAD PERMISSION (if you want one)

At your option, you may grant permission one those affiliates to download your datafeed via shareasale.com FTP server. I repeat “This is completely optional, and at your discretion.” Each Affiliate you approve carries a nominal $1 charge.  Please feel you got a choice.

There might be an additional fee, however I have an affiliate account
and more….

And there is more to mentioned but not here. You can get more details @ shareasale.com

Publishers can Promote Your Online Store .  As we all know without those buyers, without paying customers, you don’t pay many of your bills, or employees much. Both your clients and Affiliates can want something to do with you so that make more and more money.. I am a attention getter too, and I crave the need. If you got a pair of earings for sale, that needs people look at at it, an Internet marketer from shareasale.com can spread the word for you. Internet dealers know and love where, how, and on their own hours, can tell your audience “Buy your mummy earings while supplies last”.
Lets say Johanna means to sell her collection of rain boots and she has a website, https//:example.com. Now that she has an offer, She is looking for a way to branch out and make more deals with potential buyers. With shareasale, she gladly fills in her quota, and the online transaction can pour in regularly, with consumers wanting their feet dry. Those online customers purchasing rainboots, stylish or plain want those rain boots or need them.
These guys just know and love getting attention to your shoes, your boutiques, your housewares and appliances will can get seen more and more… More money for you…
Let shareasale.com find sales leads for you. Only pay when it works!

If you are an affiliate by chance, and landed on my home page, then you can
1.st Create your own free website.         2.nd Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content. shareasale.com.


This is me marketing categories on  behalf of trademarked companies.  I am Richard Barrett Hilton an Affiliate marketer who can get people interested in your stuff.  As you can see, I got your attention to that third party website, I can get attention to your retail website.  See you in the forum.

Richard Barrett Hilton